Help, my game crashes on me while I'm playing on my phone! How do I prevent this?

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Regardless of which type of smartphone or tablet you use while playing your fav games here at Luckyland Slots, the following disruptions may occur: 


  • Slow loading times
  • An interruption in gameplay
  • Distorted layout (Jumbled screen) 


Frustrating, yes. Solvable, very likely. 


If you’re playing via the following address:, Play now on any device - read on.. 


We’ve put together a list of potential fixes below as a first point of call: 


  1. Clear the cache, cookies and history from the browser you’re using  
    1. Chrome (Android) 
    2. Safari (iOS)


If you’ve gone through each of the above and are still having issues, please do get in touch via the following link: Submit a Request, or if you’d prefer, send us an email:


  1. Once done, it’s a good idea to switch cookies off, to prevent this from happening again later down the line
    1. Chrome (Android)
    2. Safari (iOS)


  1. Still having some trouble?
    1. Making sure there are no outstanding updates for your phone 
    2. At times, lack of space or ‘memory’ can lead to a generalized slower, user experience, if you’re able, free up some space 


If you use the Luckyland Slots application to play: 


  • Try deleting, and then reinstalling the app 
  • Once again, lack of memory may be the culprit, try freeing up some space 

If after all of the above potential fixes have been tried, without success, please do get in touch by Submitting a Request or sending us an email to:, providing as much information as possible (screenshots are very helpful!).

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