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We use phone verification to ensure that individuals do not create multiple accounts and that there are no bot accounts in LuckyLand Slots and to ensure that the real account owner is requesting the prize redemptions.


Preventing duplicate accounts allows us to offer a generous amount of Sweeps Coins for every new LuckyLand Slots account. This step also provides extra security for your bank information. 


You can verify in two ways: 

- SMS (short message service), which will give you a code via text on your phone.

- Voice message, which will give you a voice code to your landline (or phone that can not receive texts.) 


If you are playing with Sweeps Coins for the first time, you will be asked to verify your phone number. Follow the steps below.

1. Click on "Redeem" (Sweeps Coins icon) located in the upper right corner of the game lobby.


2. A pop-up message will appear and ask for your address and click "Next"

You need to input a valid address.



3. A pop-up message will appear and ask for your phone number. 

You need to input a valid phone number and choose between Call Me or Text Me



4. Once you have input a valid phone number, a code will be sent to your phone number and it will require you to input it on the Account verify window.



5. Click the Submit button.

6. If you input the correct validation code, you will now be able to use Sweeps Coins to play.



When you request your first prize redemption, you will then need to re-verify your phone number.

1. Click the "Redeem" button on the upper right corner of the game lobby.


2. You will be able to see your redeemable Sweeps Coins. Click the “Start your First Redemption button”.


3. Since it is your first redemption, we will require you to verify your account.

To start your verification process, you need to check all the tick boxes before clicking the “START” button


4. You will then see the 5 simple steps to redeem your first prize. 


5. Once you click “CONTINUE”, it will require you to input your First Name and Last Name


6. Once you have completed your First and Last Name, we need to re-verify your account by sending you a one-time verification code to the phone number we have on file. 


8. Enter the verification code sent to your registered number.


9. Once you enter the correct verification code, a pop-up message will appear and ask you to link your bank.

NOTE: You have the option to choose not to link your bank account and verify your identity but keep in mind that your redemption request will not be processed.


Rest assured, we will not need your phone number beyond this security check for ID verification and prize redemption purposes. We will never call or text your number for marketing purposes or share it with any 3rd party affiliates, we promise! This is detailed in our Privacy Policy.

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